Publicaties 2017


Auteurs: C. Frippiat, A. Gastaldi, S. Van Grunderbeeck
Titel: Persistence of immersed blood and hair DNA: A preliminary study based on casework
Referentie: Elsevier, Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine. Volume 51 (2017) 1-8

Auteurs: V. Decroyer, S. Desmyter, F. Noël 
Titel: A collaborative EDNAP exercise on SNaPshotTM-based mtDNA control region typing
Referentie: Elsevier, Forensic Science International : Genetics 26 ( 2017) 77-84


Auteurs : Wille S, Coucke W, Baere T, Peters FT
Titel : Update of Standard Practices for New Method Validation in Forensic Toxicology
Referentie : Curr Pharm Des. 2017 Jul 14. [Epub ahead of print]

Auteurs : Wille S, Richeval C, Nachon-Phanithavong M, Gaulier JM, Di Fazio V, Humbert L, Samyn N, Allorge D
Titel : Prevalence of new psychoactive substances and prescription drugs in the Belgian driving under the influence of drugs population
Referentie : Drug Test Anal. 2017 Jun 22.   [Epub ahead of print]

Auteurs : Calle P, Sundahl N, Maudens K, Wille SM, Van Sassenbroeck D, De Graeve K, Gogaert S, De Paepe P, Devriese D, Arno G, Blanckaert P
Titel : Medical Emergencies Related to Ethanol and Illicit Drugs at an Annual, Nocturnal, Indoor, Electronic Dance Music Event
Referentie : Prehosp Disaster Med. 2017 Dec 29:1-6. [Epub ahead of print]

Auteurs: S. Wille, J. Eliaerts, V. Di Fazio, N. Samyn 
Titel: Challenges concerning new psychoactive substance detection in oral fluid
Referentie: Elsevier, Toxicologie Analytique & Clinique (2017)


Auteurs: De Wael K., Lepot L.
Titel: Forensic Science, Applications of Raman Spectroscopy to Fiber Analysis.
Referentie: In: Lindon, J.C., Tranter, G.E. and Koppenaal, D.W. (eds.) Encyclopedia of Spectroscopy and Spectrometry, 3rd Edition, vol 1, pp. 712-719 Oxford: Elsevier.

Auteurs: L. Lepot, T. Vanden Driessche, K. Lunstroot, A. Barret, F. Gason, K. De Wael
Titel: Extraneous fibre traces brought by river water – A case study
Referentie: Science and Justice - January 2017 - Volume 57 - Issue 1 - p 53-57