Publicaties 2019


Auteurs : Hantson P., Duprez T, Di fazio V.
Titel : Severe hypoglycemia following massive ischemic stroke in a cannabis-addicted patient treated by a beta-blocking agent
Referentie :

Forensisch advies

Auteurs : S Bitzer
Titel: Forensic case coordination in Europe—Their role within 5 European institutes
Referentie : Forensic science international 300, 1-5

Auteurs : S Bitzer
Titel: The influence of Forensic Advisors on the use of forensic science in the Belgian criminal justice system
Referentie : Forensic science international 296, 123-131


Auteurs: Stijn Desmyter, Sophie Dognaux, Fabrice Noel, Lourdes Prieto
Titel : Base specific variation rates at mtDNA positions 16093 and 16183 in human hairs
Referentie : Forensic Science International: Genetics 43 (2019) 102142

Auteurs : Christopher Carney, Scott Whitney, Janaki Vaidyanathan, Rebekah Persick, Fabrice Noel, Peter M. Vallone, Erica L. Romsos, Eugene Tan, Ranjana Grover, Rosemary S. Turingan, Julie L. French, Richard F. Selden
Titel: Developmental validation of the ANDE™ rapid DNA system with FlexPlex™ assay for arrestee and reference buccal swab processing and database searching
Referentie : FSI genetics 2019