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Publicaties 2016


Auteurs: Hubrecht, Françoise; Bourguignon, Luc
Titel: Fluorescence et microstructures des Rhododendrons lépidotes (Rhododendron section Pogonanthum et Rhododendron)
Referentie: Annales de la Société Belge de Dendrologie 2015 pg 36 -61 (parution


Auteurs: De Wael, Kris; Lepot, Laurent; Lunstroot, Kyra; Gason, Fabrice
Titel: 10 years of 1:1 taping in Belgium — A selection of murder cases involving fibre examination
Referentie: Science and Justice 56 (2016) 18–28

Auteurs: Lunstroot, Kyra; Ziernicki, Dominique; Vanden Driessche, Tine
Titel: A study of black fleece garments: Can fleece fibres be recognized and how variable are they?
Referentie: Science and Justice 56 (2016) 157-164

Auteurs: Lepot, Laurent; De Wael, Kris; Lunstroot, Kyra
Titel: Fibers and textiles, review 2013 – 2016
Referentie: Proceedings of the 18th Interpol International Forensic Science Managers Symposium, Lyon (France), 2016


Auteurs : Wille, Sarah; Di Fazio, Vincent; Samyn, Nele
Titel : New psychoactive substances in a srugged driving poluation: Preliminary results
Referentie : Elsevier - Toxicologie Analytique & Clinique (2016) http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.toxac.2016.12.002

Posterpresentation TIAFT : Quantification of hair EtG, urine EtG/EtS and C-DBS PEths to assess the alcohol consumption in driver’s licence regranting cases
Auteurs : Kummer, Natalie; Wille, Sarah; Poll, Anneleen; Lambert, Willy; Samyn, Nele; Stove, Christophe

Auteurs: Kummer, Natalie; Lambert, Willy; Samyn, Nele; Stove, Christophe
Titel: Alternative Sampling Strategies for the Assessment of Alcohol Intake of Living Persons
Referentie: Clinical Biochemistry In Press (2016)

Auteurs: Kummer, Natalie; Wille, Sarah; Poll; Anneleen; Lambert, Willy; Samyn, Nele; Stove, Christophe
Titel: Quantification of EtG in hair, EtG and EtS in urine and PEth species in capillary dried blood spots to assess the alcohol consumption in driver’s licence regranting cases
Referentie: Drug and Alcohol Dependence 165 (2016) 191–97


Auteurs: Decroyer, Valerie; Desmyter, Stijn; Noel, Fabrice
Titel : A collaborative EDNAP exercise on SNaPshotTM-based mtDNA control region typing
Referentie : Forensic Science International : Genetics 26 (2017) 77-84

Auteurs: Desmyter, Stijn; Dognaux, Sophie; Noel, Fabrice
Titel : Hairy matters: MtDNA quantity and sequence variation along and among human head hairs
Referentie: Forensic Science International : Genetics 25 (2016) 1-9

Auteurs: Frippiat, Christophe; Noel, Fabrice
Titel : Comparison of performance of genetics 4N6 FLOQSwabs™ with or without surfactant to rayon swabs
Referentie : Journal of Forensic and Legal Medicine 42 (2016) 96-99

Nationale DNA-databanken

Auteurs: Stappers, Caroline; De Moor, Sabine; Gallala, Inès; Jeuniaux, Patrick; Vanvooren, Vanessa; Renard, Bertrand
Titel: DNA-databank veroordeelden : ethische kwesties en juridische keuzes
Referentie: Fatik – Tijdschrift voor Strafbeleid en Gevangeniswezen, n° 149 (januari-februari-maart 2016), 5-11.


Auteurs: De Bock, Johan; De Smet, Patrick
Titel: JPGcarve: An Advanced Tool for Automated Recovery of Fragmented JPEG Files
Referentie: IEEE Transactions on information forensics and security, january 2016, volume 11, number 1, ITIFA6, 19-34